London Cardiac & Vascular Associates bring together some of London's top cardiology and cardiothoracic consultants to deliver exceptional care to our patients suffering from a variety of cardiac concerns. 

We will accept patients that already have a clear diagnosis or patients that present with cardio symptom but do not have a clear diagnosis.

Alongside a wealth of experience across the spectrum of general cardiology conditions, our consultants also specialise in rare and complex cardiac problems.

If you can't see what you're looking for please give the clinic a call and we will try to find the consultant for you.

We have clinics across London and Kent and welcome patients from across the UK as well as overseas. The team at London Cardiac and Vascular Associates have over 110 years of experience combined together.

Heart Valve Disease

Stroke & Neurocardiology

Including PFO associated stroke in young patients and prevention of stroke in the elderly with AF / LAA closure.

Cardiovascular Risk Factors

Including hypertension (high blood pressure) and high cholesterol.

Chest Pain

Of all causes including angina, acute chest pain, recurrent chest pain and pericarditis.

Shortness of Breath 

Of all causes including arrhythmias and heart failure.

Athlete Screening

To exclude myocardial hypertrophy (heart muscle thickening) and exercise induced arrhythmias

Heart Failure & Heart Muscle Disease

Including myocarditis, endocarditis all forms of cardiomyopathy and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Inherited Cardiac Diseases

All inherited cardiomyopathies including Brugada syndrome and channelopathies.