London Cardiac & Vascular Associates bring together some of London's top cardiology and cardiothoracic consultants to deliver exceptional care to our patients. 

Together, they cover all aspects of cardiology and cardiothoracic treatments from general cardiology to rare and complex cardiac problems.

If you can't see what you're looking for please call the clinic.

Including radial (wrist) access procedures, stent insertion and the entire range of complex angioplasty.

TAVI & Mitraclip

A keyhole treatment for aortic stenosis and mitral valve regurgitation.

Adjunct Intravascular Diagnostics

Including Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) and Optical Coherence  Tomography (OCT). 

Aortic Surgery 



To treat enlarged aortic aneurysms and aortic tears. 


Including endoscopic valve repair and minimally invasive valve replacement.

Catheter based treatment for prevention of stroke in young patients and to minimise stroke risk  in patients unable to take blood thinning medication..

Including minimally invasive and beating heart procedures.

Heart Valve Surgery

Heart valve repair and replacement.

To restore regular heart beat rhythm in atrial fibrillation and flutter. 

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